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Thank you very much to a friend of mine, Irina and her son Alex in Smolensk.. 
This lovely postcard shown matryoshka doll.. 

Matrysohka doll
Stamps of Russia
This postcard received from Moldova

Postcard from Moldova
Stamps of Moldova
Received from Jozie from Slovenia
"Manny greetings from Slovenia with view on Triglav, our highest peak."

Triglav Slovenia
Stanps of Slovenia
Incoming postcard from Jann-Eric from Germany.
He lives at the coast and works in the docks of Emden.

Incoming postcard from Irina in Russia. 
She is my good friend. She sent this postcard from Greece during her vacation in Crete.

Incoming postcard from my friend, Beate in Bad Lauterberg in Germany
Incoming postcard received from Eva in Tilburg, Nederland.
She likes to do volunteer work.

Incoming postcard from Jesuali in the city of Puerto Rico. 
She is passionate about other cultures. She likes to learn about other places. 
This postcard is about Castillo San Cristobal.

Incoming postcard from my friend, Beate in Bad Lauterberg in Germany.
 This postcard shows Brocken Nationalpark Hochharz.

Incoming postcard from Mike Lee in Windsor, Canada. 
This postcard tells us about Downtown Toronto experienced massive economic growth in the 1970s. A large part of Toronto's heritage architecture was lost to sparkling new skyscrapers. Yet some of the most precious jewels from the past have been protected, such as the grand Royal York Hotel and historic Union Station.

Incoming postcard from Kerilesen in Bremen, Germany.

Incoming postcard from Yukari in Nagano, Japan
Her hobbies are collecting stamp, Origami(paper folding), reading, and travel.

Incoming postcard from Thomas in Leipzig, Germany. 
This card postcard shows Halle a. d. Saale, a city in the southern part of Germany.

Incoming postcard received from Alina in Minsk, Belarus
She likes traveling.. She mentioned that this postcrossing project is a great alternative to a real trip.
She also love to cook, try new recipes all the time.