16 January 2020

#236 : Smolensk, Russia

This postcard received from a good friend of mine. Her name is Irina in Smolensk, Russia.

Postcard from Russia
Stamps of Russia

#235 : Helvetia Switzerland

This postcard received from Karin in Switzerland.

Postcard from Switzerland
Stamps of Helvetia

This postcard shows a mountain chain in Switzerland. Below the clouds is a lake.

18 December 2019

#234 : Siberia, Russia

This postcard received from Victoria in Siberia, Lake Baikal. She sent this postcard from he last vacation in Vietnam.

Postcard from Siberia
Stamps of Russia

15 December 2019

#233 : Moscow, Russia

This postcard received from Sergey in Moscow Russia.

Postcard from Moscow Russia
Stamps of Russia

12 December 2019

#232 : Shanghai, China

This postcard received from Billy, an accounting student in Shanghai University, China.

Postcard from Shanghai China
Stamps of China

11 December 2019

#231 : Minneapolis, USA

This postcard received from Ruth in Minneapolis, USA.

Postcard from USA
Stamps of USA

The postcard shows Split Rock Lighthouse. It built in 1910 to prevent shipwrecks on Lake Superior. Split Rock Lighthouse is located near Two Harbors, Minneapolis.

9 December 2019

#230 : Witten, Germany

This postcard received from Uwe Schulze in Witten, Germany. He is 51 years old and has 2 children. According to him, his town Witten has about 100,000 inhabitants and next to Dortmund at the Ruhr river.

Postcard from Witten Germany
Stamps of Germany

#229 : Shin Sendai, Japan

This postcard received from Akari in Japan. The postcard shows Japanese 4 views of traditional and high technology.

Postcard from Japan
Stamps of Japan

Left up : "Shin-Kansen" railway and Mt. Fuji
Left down : Maiko-girls Kyoto
Right up : Kinkaku-Ji Temple Kyoto
Right down : Highway in capital Tokyo Bay area

#228 : Ludwigshafen, Germany

This postcard received from Oliver in Germany. He is 42 years old and an IT system administrator.

Postcard from Germany
Stamp of Germany

6 December 2019

#227 : Latvia

This postcard received from Irina in Latvia, region Zemgale.
She likes to travel around her country.

Postcard from Latvia
Stamps of Latvia


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