Received this postcard from Anna in Moscow, Russia. She is 23 years old. Her dreams to travel around the world. She has a wonderful family : mother, father and youngest sister. She wants to have a dog. She likes to read classical literature from Charles Dickens, Jane Austen and others. In her free time she likes to go for a walk and watch movies. 
Postcard from Moscow, Russia
This postcard received from Marpul in Washington USA. She lives with her husband in Snohomish, Washington USA. They have an online store too. They love to take old things and repurpose them into something new and useable. She also enjoy sewing, all kinds of crafting, gardening, cooking, reading, going to antique auctions and etc.

Snonomish Washington USA
Stamps of USA

Received this postcard from Vika in Brest, Belarus. She likes drawing, knitting and in general needlework. She has a younger sister and she loves her so much. She likes to travel and will be going to Terespol in May.

Ice Hockey World Championship Minsk, Belarus
Stamp of Belarus 2018

Received this postcard from Hugh in Hong Kong, China. He lives with his wife and 2 children. According to him, Hong Kong is a busy city with over 7 million population in an area about 1100 He loves nature and hiking beside reading and watching butterflies. He likes to collect stamps too.

Night view of Central & Kowloon from the Peak
Stamp of Hong Kong, China

This postcard received from Valentyna in Pardubice, Czech Republic. She likes listening to music, aerobic, trips with her family and meeting with friends.

Pardubice, Czech Republic
Stamp of Czech Republic

Received this postcard from Susanne in Limbach (quarter of the city Eltmann) Bavaria, Germany. She has 3 sisters. She likes reading books, watching cinema and theater beside collecting stamps and postcards.

On the postcard are pilgrimage church Maria Limbach. There are many weddings, baptisms and pilgrimages take place. The villagers are proud of their churches.

Ins Land der Franken fahren...
Eltmann am Main
Stamp of Germany

I received this postcard from Marci in Pennsylvania USA. She is an animal lover and has 2 cats.

Design : "KAAKAOPUU" by Erja Hirvi
From "Marimekko : 100 postcards"
Stamp of USA

I received this postcard from Julihuli in Turku, Finland. According to her Finland is famous with beautiful nature. She likes to collect Tintin books in different languages.

Postcard from Finland
Stamps of Finland

This postcard received from Becky in Cornwall, United Kingdom (near Bristol). She moved to UK due to her work. She is happy in the west UK and hope to stay for a while longer. She love to read all different types of genres. Beside that she also likes to watch films and tv shows. She enjoys cooking and likes to try new recipes.

Top left : Boscastle. Top centre : Port Isaac. Top right : Tintagel.
Bottom left : Trevose. Bottom centre : Bude. Bottom right : Padstow
Stamp of United Kingdom 

I received this postcard from Nadine. She is a French who live in Japan. She is very excited about postcrossing because she love to gather and sharing postcards from all around the world. 

Mt. Fuji, the symbol of Japan, is the most beautiful and highest in Japan.
Stamp of Japan

Received this postcard from Yvonne. She is 60 years old from Bleiswijk (near Rotterdam) in the Netherlands. She is a writer of biographies, coach and teacher. She likes to collect stamps, reading and to create things : writing of stories and poetry, painting, drawing, needlework etc. She also likes to visit museums and collect art books. 

Postcard from Nederland
Stamp of Nederland

I received this postcard from Olga in Minsk, Belarus. This postcard shows National Olympic Committee of the Republic of Belarus.

National Olympic Committee of the Republic of Belarus 
Stamp of Belarus
This postcard received from Genevieve in Michigan, USA. She is in a third year student studying human biology. She likes cooking, reading and listening to music beside travelling.
Postcard from Michigan, USA
Stamp of USA
I received this postcard from Darya in Rostov-on-Don, Russia. She likes travelling, reading books and watching interesting films. She also likes to learn something new. 

Postcard from Rostov-on-Don, Russia
Stamps of Russia
I received this postcard from Elya in St. Petersburg, Russia. She is 31 years old.

The "Scarlet Sails" celebration. The frigate Shtandart by the Spit of Vasilyevsky Island.
Stamps of Russia
This postcard received from Leyla. She is 24 years old from Yekaterinburg, Russia. She is a Director of an Office Equipment Repair firm.

On the postcard, the cat embraces the White Tower which has moral recognition as a monument of avant-garde architecture.

Lemonadik The Cat and The White Tower
Stamps of Russia
I received this postcard from Tan. She is from Thailand but staying in Rochester New York. 
This postcard shows New York Waterfalls (from left) Letchworth, Stony Brook, Taughannock, Watkins Glen. 

From left Letchworth, Stony Brook, Taughannock, Watkins Glen
Stamps of USA
Today's incoming postcard received from Christa in Pretoria, South Africa. 
This is my first postcard from South Africa.. I like it so much! 

Pretoria (Tshwane), in Gauteng Province, is the administrative capital of South Africa. Known as "Jacaranda City" for its thousands of jacaranda trees, it's also home to universities and government buildings. The semicircular Union Buildings encompass the president's offices and hosted Nelson Mandela's inauguration. Nearby is the Voortrekker Monument, honouring 19th-century Afrikaans settlers from the Cape Colony. - wikipedia

Postcard from South Africa
Stamp of South Africa
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